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Workflow Automation Engine (Batch Jobs /End of Day / Disaster recovery automation)

Complete life cycle automation of both IT and Business processes (BPM).

Privileged User Behavior Analytics

SWOT Workflow Automation Engine provides both information technology and business process automation capabilities.

  • End of Day / batch jobs automation
  • Provides a solution to optimize expensive End-of-the-Day routines
  • Keeps all customer centric processes on track and on time
  • Removes anxiety of continuity after unexpected server outages
  • Helps save systems from Server installed agents that eat up system resources
  • Clears out the obscurity behind manual processes
  • Reduces human errors and miscommunication
  • Optimizes and maintains consistency
  • Creates a common link of communication between all the tasks in the workflow
  • Alerts in the event of workflow task failure
  • Easy to learn and integrate
  • Increases throughput, reliability, efficiency, Scalability and parallel processing
  • Centralized managing of complete task
  • Audit log of each task and workflow
  • Easy handover to the operators

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