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SUPM & SAPM with automated workflow processing

Manage shared server accounts using workflow processing to provision privileged access.

Shared Accounts Password Management (SAPM)

Privileged User Behavior Analytics

Common root user credentials such as UNIX servers (wasadmin/oracle) are generally shared by different departments in a firm. This poses a hindrance in tracking individual user activity.

How SWOT helps to overcome this?

  • SWOT will integrate and map the root credentials to individual users
  • Each user will be accountable for their activity using shared accounts
  • Every task executed by users are tracked under their mapped usernames
  • Users need not know the password of the shared accounts

Super User Privileges Management (SUPM)

Privileged User Behavior Analytics

System/Application default accounts like Administrator/root/sys have full administrative roles that have access to all the information or administration of standard users or tasks. These super user accounts are prone to business risks when used inappropriately.

SWOT gives the best solution to manage these accounts by provisioning the super user accesses based on workflow rules for a limited duration.

SWOT provides authorized approvers to approve/deny access using workflow process efficiently.

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