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Windows monitors

Proactive detection of changes in the active directory (AD),Group policy object(GPO) and user modifications.

Privileged User Behavior Analytics

SWOT event log plug-in scanner helps to monitor the target windows servers. It delivers instant alerts in the event of suspicious changes on the server. A set of predefined events to be monitored and reported is tracked as part of suspicious activities and can be efficiently managed from a dashboard.

Why monitor event logs?

  • Beware of suspicious user activities using Real time alerts on
    • User Added/modified/deleted to Privileged Group
    • Security-Enabled Group Modifications
    • Event/Audit Logs - user interventions/deletions
    • System audit policies - Add/Changed/deleted
    • Firewall Rule Add/Changed/deleted
    • Active Directory changes
  • Fast detection and recovery of outages
  • Proactive business support
  • Audit compliance
  • Regulatory compliance

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