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Privileged User's activity monitoring & Auditing (PUMA)

Monitor restricted users access for any breach & proactive inspection of viable opportunities for insider threats that can access sensitive data.

Privileged User Behavior Analytics

Who are privileged users?

  • System Administrators
  • Application Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • IT Audit/Security officers
  • DataCenter Managers
  • Back office Staff
  • Contractors/Vendors/Turnkey consultants
  • Batch Operators
Privileged User Behavior Analytics

Tools used by Privileged users that can be integrated with SWOT Tool:

  • UNIX clients - SSH/Telnet
  • Windows Remote Desktop
  • Database client tools
  • File transfer tools - Winscp
  • Virtual network connections
  • Web browsers
  • Custom tools(SAP, Oracle and ERP apps)

Why is user activity monitoring and auditing vital?

  • Prevent/minimize theft of sensitive information due to misuse of privileged access to critical systems.
  • Track factors of productivity and establish accurate billing for vendors based on activity logs.
  • Pave way for efficient systems management and reduce time to resolve incidents.
  • Provision for a cheaper and easier regulatory compliance management.
  • Collection of accurate and relevant information for forensics investigation.

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